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Fujinomiya Yakisoba

Fujinomiya Yakisoba

Think of sauteed cabbage, crunchy and flavorful. Add bean sprouts, and noodles with an al dente Japanese-style firmness. Combine these together and add a cold glass of beer and this is heaven, albeit in Shizuoka.

The sauce and light salt combination might remind you of monja-yaki, the kind you might find in the back streets of shitamachi Tokyo. Local grannies would open up a small stand at the end of the street and serve this street-food when I was a kid. You can now enjoy this, all grown up that we are, and know what the "taste of home" is in Japan. Considering adding a glass of beer makes for a most perfect meal, not only is this dish perfect for kids, mom and dad should enjoy it as well. Dig in.

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